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Boost Your Workspace Vibes: The Yealink UH38 Wired USB Dual Speaker Headset Revolution!


Looking for a headset that takes your work calls up a notch while keeping you comfy all day? Enter the Yealink UH38 Wired USB Dual Speaker Headset – a total game-changer for office communication.


This headset is something special. It lets you switch between your computer and mobile seamlessly – a rare find in wired USB headsets. Plus, the sound quality is top-notch, clearing away background noise for super-clear calls. Oh, and it's smart too, shifting between music and call modes all by itself!


DUAL CONNECTIVITY: The Yealink UH38 has something you don’t typically find on a wired USB headset. It comes with the ability to be used with a computer through a USB connection, but it can also be used wirelessly with your mobile phone. This is a feature that’s uncommon in a wired USB headset.

PROFESSIONAL SOUND: The Yealink UH38 gives you the professional sound you need for your important business calls. It also removes background noise far better than other brands, so your calls will be crisp, clear and noise free. And, it comes with auto switching between music mode, and calling modes.


Unmatched Comfort: For those wearing headsets throughout the day, comfort is paramount. The UH38 offers ear-shaped memory foam earpods covered in perforated, skin-friendly protein leather, ensuring extreme comfort. This lightweight headset features rotating ear speakers and an adjustable headband, allowing for a personalized, snug fit that enhances your comfort during extended use.


Integrated Busylight:  Embedded within the earpiece, the UH38 features a prominent busylight visible from every direction, signaling your ongoing call to those nearby. Yealink UH38's busylight functionality effectively reduces interruptions, enabling enhanced focus and heightened productivity throughout your workday.


Dual Mute Options: The Yealink UH38 offers versatile mute functionality, ensuring effortless control over your microphone. Whether initiating a call or manually activating it via the inline controller buttons, this headset provides two convenient methods for muting. When silence is required, rest assured, you have multiple options at your fingertips to maintain uninterrupted focus.



In conclusion, the Yealink UH38 Wired USB Dual Speaker Headset is not just a headset; it's a revolution in professional audio solutions. From dual connectivity and professional sound to unmatched comfort and intelligent features like the integrated busylight and dual mute options, the UH38 sets a new standard. Elevate your workspace vibes, enhance your communication, and embrace a new   productivity with the Yealink UH38. Available for the Yealink Products part number :1308081 & 1308085.


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Meta Description: Transform your workspace with the Yealink UH38 Wired USB Dual Speaker Headset – a revolutionary device offering dual connectivity, professional sound, unmatched comfort, and intelligent features for heightened productivity. Elevate your communication experience today.

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