Established in 2006 and headquartered at Chennai. Touchline is an IT infrastructure solution provider, partnered with leading global technology providers like HP, HPE, Microsoft, Dell, Lenovo, Hitachi, Symantec, Cisco, VMware, Logitech, VEEAM, Azure, AWS, AMD and many others, securing knowledge exchange, granting us continuous access to most recent proven practices in the industry to enable us in the best of ways to provide our customers with most suitable solutions to support their core business functions.

Touchline offers cutting edge enterprise solutions across industry verticals in India, our capability as a total solution provider comes from capabilities portfolio including, design deploy and support passive networking infrastructure, wired and wireless active network infrastructure, data center solutions, unified communication solutions, surveillance, security & access solutions, end computing solutions including laptops, desktops, tablets, mobile devices, thin clients, cloud computing infrastructure solutions, hybrid solutions, network security, data security, end-point security solutions, connectivity solutions, large scale IT infrastructure rental solutions, IT infrastructure leasing solutions and support services including LMC, AMC, managed IT services tailored to suit client environments, including IT Infrastructure outsourcing, business recovery, operations support and installation & commissioning services.

Touchline's capabilities portfolio is backed by a committed and professional team of certified pre-sales, sales and support resources. Our team members are driven by a knowledge-based culture, always on continuous improvement with a singular objective being our customer needs be met with the most viable and agile solution, so that they can stay ahead in their core business.