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Are you looking to upgrade your server or storage, deploy a new server or storage system or moving partially or completely to cloud, Touchline can be your trusted partner in executing your project on time and within budget. We take complete ownership of design, deploy and support, ensuring a worry-free experience or we can work in an advisory capacity, providing strategic guidance and expert advice to your internal IT team.

Our Approach

  • Consult with your team and understand your IT strategy and IT Policy, take complete understanding of your requirement.

  • Design and plan, the scope of work, specking your server and storage, aid you with your procurement, define milestones and schedule deployment.

  • Deployment and testing based on the schedule plan with the rightly skilled engineer and complete testing for accuracy and efficiency.

  • Sign Off with key stake holders post successful completion.

Server Installation.jpg

Server & Storage System Installation


Stay prepared for every scenario

The way forward being big-data, work from anywhere and BYOD, it’s challenging to plan your data security, data backup and recovery. Systems do fail and people do make mistakes in the new work ecosystem. Organizations need a new data backup and recovery plan to avoid unplanned downtime, loose productivity, loose revenue and lose customers at a time when it’s absolutely critical to save every resource that saves cost.


Touchline can ensure business continuity, you stay on top of compliance, provide contingency solutions and maximize customer satisfaction.


Our Approach

  • Understand your current and future IT ecosystem, assess and identify possible issues.

  • Revisit your backup strategy and policy, recommend the most efficient and intuitive machine learning based solutions to suit the new ecosystem.

  • Plan and schedule based on how critical a data set is for business continuity based on your requirement without affecting efficiency of on-going activity.

  • Plan, Install and configure backup and recovery solutions including DR solutions. Products include Veeam, ArcServ, BackupExec, Barracuda / Yesomite backup and cloud backup and recovery solutions.

DATA Backup and Recovery Services

Installing an operating system, can be time consuming and complex as well, generally taking a few hours to complete. drivers, applications and updates must be located and installed correctly for your server to function perfectly and efficiently.

Our skilled experts can have a complete experience across OS including Windows server OS, CentOS, RHEL, SLES and Ubuntu. Using the latest drivers, updates, and software available, touchline will provide you with a professional operating system installation that is optimized for speed and reliability.

Services Included:

  • Installation of your Operating Systems.

  • Installation of all critical/recommended updates

  • Installation of the latest drivers for your hardware

  • Configuration of necessary application software

  • Verification that your system is operating properly

OS Install.jpg

Operating System Installation


Designing and implementing a highly efficient, cost-effective, future ready network backbone can streamline your organizations operations. Touchline has experience in multiple domains, we handle day to day issues pertaining to IT operations. Whether it is new infrastructure or optimizing an existing network, we are capable of designing, deploying, testing and commissioning from single-site to multiple location environments.

We bring our expertise of Design, Deploy and Support 


  • Data & Voice Cabling

  • Wireless Solutions

  • Video Collaboration

  • Internet Connectivity

  • Network Security Solutions

  • Network Printing

  • Remote Access

  • Network Management tools

Network Design and Installation

Creating a virtual or isolated structure of an IT environment is called virtualization. When a OS or application is run on independent servers, the server remains underutilized. At the same time when a server is virtualized multiple applications and multiple OS can be run on a single server, it can increase the overall efficiency and cost -effectiveness.

Identifying the right server virtualization software or in other words hypervisor that suits your ecosystem based on the applications, features and hardware requirement, planning, provisioning and implementation is an expert’s job.


Touchline has the expertise, experience and capability to design, install, configure and deploy hypervisor-based solutions across brands VMware vSphere including, infrastructure services - vCompute, vStorage and vNetwork and application services including vCenter Server, vSphere Client, Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix XenServer and Red Hat KVM.

Virtualization Software Installation Service


With our combined team experience across platforms and every component in a solution architecture. We have the right know-how and expertise to design, deploy and support your IT security strategy to reality the first time.

  • Penetration Testing

How reassure is my network security? Penetration tests stimulates attacks using tools & techniques similar to the one’s internal and external hacker use. Our experts use a combination of manual and automated tools to identify gaps at various layers.


  • Audit Services

Information security assurance has become critical for business continuity across verticals, unlike earlier where it was only the banking and finance. Our audit services start with gap analysis with respect to current level of compliance with legislation and standards such as ISO 27001, NIST, ASD-ISM, PCI-DSS.

  • Cyber Security Assessment

A six-day assessment for organizations with remote workforce, through an assessment methodology based around HPE P5 Model and the CIS Top 20 critical security controls. Giving a clear action plan to address customer security concerns with respect to remote workforce. Reduce ongoing technology operations and adoption risk by leveraging HPE expertise and proven reference architecture. 

Information Security Assessment 

We have specialized team for laptop service, we repair out of warranty laptops. We are one of the best laptop service center, equipped with the best of facility to repair at a component level. Our laptop service is priced very reasonable, as we try and avoid replacement of parts unless absolutely required.

We repair all major brands including HP, Dell, Lenovo, Acer and Apple. We do all levels of repair right from chip level motherboard repair, hard disk drive recovery, to most common problems like laptop LED screen, LCD display repair, keyboard repair and replacement, broken power connector and laptop overheating.

We do upgrade and replacement services for all laptops, memory upgrade, hard disk drive upgrade, original brand power adaptor, compatible power adaptors, battery replacement, display hinges service and replacement.


Laptop Service - Multibrand

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