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HP Engage for Retail

In today's competitive retail landscape, customer experience reigns supreme. Long checkout lines, outdated technology, and a disconnect between physical and digital channels can leave customers frustrated and heading for the exits.

HP Engage for Retail delivers a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to transform your store from a transaction zone to an engaging destination.

HP Engage Products: Powering Every Retail Touchpoint

  • Improved customer experience:

Keep queues moving with HP Engage's point-of-sale (POS) systems. These sleek and powerful devices boast lightning-fast processing and intuitive interfaces, ensuring a smooth and efficient checkout experience.

  • Empower Your Associates:

HP Engage offers mobile solutions that allow associates to assist customers on the shop floor, answer questions, and close deals efficiently.

  • Embrace Self-Service:

Empower customers with HP Engage's self-service kiosks. These intuitive kiosks allow customers to check product availability, compare prices, and even complete purchases – reducing wait times for your customers.

  • Engage Shoppers:

Transform your store into a dynamic and immersive experience with HP Engage's digital signage solutions. Showcase promotions, highlight new products, and personalize content to grab customer attention and drive sales.

  • Unify Online and Offline: 

HP Engage Flex helps bridge the gap between your physical and digital storefronts. Integrate your inventory management system, allowing for real-time stock visibility and a seamless omnichannel experience for your customers.

Security You Can Trust:. HP Engage solutions come equipped with robust features to safeguard customer information and financial transactions.

Scalability Made Simple: As your business grows, HP Engage solutions can adapt and evolve with you. The modular design allows you to easily add new features and functionalities to meet your changing needs.

HP Engage for Retail
HP Engage Product solution for Retail Industry

Product Solution

HP Engage for Retail
HP Engage Flex

Engage Flex: 

Drive every facet of your business—from back-office operations to digital customer engagements, to point-of-sale—with the HP Engage Flex.

Use Case:

  • Point-of-Sale (POS) 

  • Backoffice server 

  • video surveillance 

  • store digital signage 

  • store wayfinding 

  • product information 

  • self-checkout

HP Engage Go
HP Engage Go

Engage Go:

Thrives across environments. Delight your customers with a sleek, convertible system that easily transforms into a mobile tablet – or just go mobile.

Use Case:

  • Queue busting 

  • Merchandising 

  • stock auditing 

  • assisted selling 

HP Engage Express for self checkout
HP Engage Express

Engage Express:

Sleek, customizable self-service, designed for modern business. Design your ideal solution with near-endless customization to meet your business needs and complement your environment.

Use Case:

  • self-checkout 

  • store wayfinding 

  • product lookup

  • trade shows & events 

  • loyalty & promotions 

HP Engage one - All in one POS
HP Engage One

Engage One:

All-in-One POS. Style without compromise. Get more productivity and maximize your space while delivering the experience your customers expect with a point-of-sale system that complements your environment.

Use Case:

  • POS 

  • Store wayfinding 

  • Product lookup 

  • Self-service device 

  • Employee time & attendance 


From barcode scanners to receipt printers with a variety of cash drawers and displays in between, customize your POS solution to fit your unique needs.

HP Engage for Retail offers a powerful and innovative solution to transform your Retail operations and elevate your customer experience.

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