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Poly Studio Base Kit G9 Plus


​   POLY STUDIO Base Kit G9 Plus

  • Smooth setup out of the box

  • Reliability at its best

  • Control from anywhere in the room

  • Packs a punch with safety in mind

  • Easy management with Poly Lens

  • A fast and robust connection keeps you on track

  • The pinnacle of performance and security

Room Solution with Base Kit G9 Plus

Poly Studio R30
Small Room
Room size.png
Room Size 

15ft X 15ft

No.of ppl

3 - 5 ppl

Poly Studio
Medium Room
Room size.png
Room Size 

15ft X 20ft

No.of ppl

8 - 14 ppl

Poly Studio E70 with
Trio C60
Large Room
E70 with trio c60.png
Room size.png
Room Size 

15ft X 28ft

No.of ppl

11 - 18 ppl

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