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Touchline Technologies Pvt Ltd Rental Solutions For desktops, Laptops, Server , Storage

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Touchline Technologies Server Rental Solutions. HP, Dell, IBM and SUN Servers are available on Touchline Technologies Pvt Ltd

 Rent A Server 

A physical server rental delivered right to your premises, to lower your CAPEX for any of your short-term business projects. From application testing, contingency planning, data centre relocation, temporary project office set-up and application POC! Touchline can supply short term rentals from one server, to multiple servers and enterprise level systems from HP, Dell, IBM and SUN, fully configured and performance tested at a reasonable cost.

Touchline Technologies Pvt Ltd Server Storage Rental Solution. Get HPE, DELL, IBM, HITACHI Server Storage Rental Solution on Tocuhline Technologies Pvt LTD.

 Rent Server Storage

We offer a range of DAS (Direct Attached Storage), NAS (Network Attached Storage), iSCSI SAN(Storage Area Network) designed to meet up with your temporary storage needs. Our storage server rentals are priced to be affordable and reliable. Touchline storage server rental are customized to suit your enterprise storage needs. Our storage rentals include all trusted brands like HPE storage rental, Dell storage rental, IBM storage rental and Hitachi storage rental.

Touchline Technologies Pvt Ltd Desktop Rental Solutions. Rent HP, DELL, LENOVO Desktops from Touchline Technologies Pvt Ltd

 Rent A Desktop 

We provide desktop rentals can be provided from a selection of brands, including HP, Dell and Lenovo computers. The brands available depends on the application you are going to run and specification to suit your business needs. Touchline can assure you of best rental rates, best service support delivered to your office.

Touchline Technologies Pvt Ltd Laptop Rental Solutions. Get HP, DELL, LENOVO laptops From Touchline Technologies Pvt Ltd

 Rent A Laptop 

We carry a large inventory selection of laptops from trusted brands including HP, Dell & Lenovo. Our inventory of laptops for rent includes models perfect for all kinds of application including, presentation, events, design, development, video editing, and business projects. Many of our laptops can also be customized to meet your specific application needs. We back it up with our support services including troubleshooting. Our in-house laptop service team has wide experience across brands and models. 

Our cost to rental depends on how long you need it for, the specification you would need, how many numbers and where the equipment is to be delivered.

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