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Connect with Confidence: Poly Studio X70 with TC10 Enhances Virtual Meetings

The Poly Studio X70, all-in-one video bar, offers quality audio and video performance in large meeting spaces. Enjoy pinpoint-accurate automatic framing and tracking modes, distraction-free audio technology, and lifelike 4K UltraHD video.


 The Poly Studio X70 stands out as an exceptional video conferencing solution, blending advanced AI-driven video features with immersive stereo sound to create an unmatched meeting environment. Its all-in-one video bar is designed for simplicity, offering a sleek plug-and-play setup that eliminates cable clutter and IT challenges while guaranteeing top-notch audio and video performance. Forget about relying on a PC; the system seamlessly integrates with cloud video apps, providing familiar controls and compatibility with major cloud video services. Additionally, the Poly Lens simplifies IT tasks such as deployment, management, and analytics.

Key Features

  • Dual cameras with 4K+ sensors.

  •  Poly DirectorAI smart camera technology.

  • Two-way stereo speakers, aluminum cone tweeters, and advanced bass ports.

  •  NoiseBlockAI noise reduction technology.

  •  Easy third-party native experience

  •  Revolutionary Dual Cameras with 4K Sensors

At the heart of the Poly Studio X70 lies its revolutionary dual cameras, equipped with state-of-the-art 4K sensors. These cutting-edge sensors capture every detail with remarkable precision, enabling seamless transitions between the wide-angle and narrow lenses. As a result, everyone in large conference rooms can enjoy flawless life-like video quality, bringing meetings to life.

Immersive Stereo Sound with Advanced Speaker Technology


Delighting the senses, the Poly Studio X70 boasts two-way stereo speakers, meticulously designed with aluminum cone tweeters and advanced bass ports. These exceptional audio components generate crystal-clear, room-filling sound, enveloping participants in a captivating audio experience. Whether it's conveying ideas or sharing information, the remarkable audio quality ensures every voice is heard with utmost clarity.


 Unparalleled AI-Powered Camera Technology


The Poly Studio X70 is equipped with the remarkable Poly DirectorAI smart camera technology. This advanced feature automatically frames participants with pinpoint accuracy, ensuring everyone is seen clearly throughout the meeting. With its preview feature, the camera even provides a glimpse of the framed shot before switching perspectives, creating a seamless and engaging meeting experience.


 Intelligent Audio Filtering for Uninterrupted Meetings


Say goodbye to distracting background noises and side conversations that disrupt your meetings. The Poly Studio X70 incorporates Poly NoiseBlockAI and Acoustic Fence smart audio filtering technologies. These cutting-edge features intelligently filter out unwanted noises, keeping the focus on the conversation at hand and ensuring uninterrupted and productive discussions.





 • Supports both IPv4 and IPv6 protocols

 • Equipped with 2x 10/100/1G Ethernet (RJ45) ports

• Auto-MDIX feature for hassle-free connectivity

 • Supports H.323 and/or SIP up to 6 Mbps when using the Poly Video App

 • Polycom Lost Packet Recovery (LPR) technology ensures smooth video transmission

 • Dynamic bandwidth allocation for optimal performance



 • Ensures secure media encryption for H.323 and SIP protocols

 • Supports AES-128 and AES-256 encryption standards

 • H.235.6 support for enhanced security

 • Provides authenticated access to admin menus, web interface, and API

 • Allows configuration of local account password policies • Offers security profiles for customized settings



 • VESA mount kit for flexible installation

 • Stand for convenient placement

 • Poly TC8, Poly TC10, and Poly Bluetooth remote control for versatile control options


How Poly Studio X70 works in large conference rooms?


  • Each lens’ broad field of view (FoV) enables the viewing angle to be adjusted based on the number of people in the room and easily includes everyone in the picture. The FoV ranges from 70 to 120 degrees for the upper camera and 78 to 140 degrees for the lower one.

  • Poly Studio X70 also has a people counting system, which allows you to have a bird’s-eye view of meeting rooms and confirm that the recommended number of people in the space has been adhered to, ensuring the safety of all participants.  

  • The camera’s smart technology ensures accurate speaker tracking via automatic voice identification, keeping the speaker in the spotlight at all times.

  • It may also frame individuals based on their movements and maximize room space by choosing between broad and narrow depending on the number of people.

  • The device works with all major video conferencing platforms, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.




The Poly Studio X70 stands out as a premier video conferencing solution, providing an exceptional meeting environment. Its AI-powered video features, immersive stereo sound, and simple plug-and-play setup guarantee a smooth and convenient collaboration experience. The inclusion of dual 4K cameras, intelligent camera technology, and advanced audio filtering ensures clear and high-quality video and audio output. Moreover, its versatility is highlighted by its seamless integration with leading cloud video services and native compatibility across various platforms. With its elegant design, effortless deployment, and comprehensive management capabilities, it proves to be an excellent choice for large conference rooms.

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