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From Every Angle to Every Detail: Poly Studio E60 Smart PTZ Camera Sets the Standard

Introducing the Poly Studio E60,


Offering Crisp 4K Resolution and 12x Optical Zoom


The Poly Studio E60 Camera is designed to deliver exceptional visual clarity with its 4K resolution and 12x optical zoom. Whether you're presenting intricate details or engaging in face-to-face discussions, every aspect is captured with precision, ensuring an immersive experience for all participants.


Effortless Pan-Tilt-Zoom Functionality


Experience seamless control with the Poly Studio E60's smooth pan-tilt-zoom functionality. Whether you're highlighting a presentation board or focusing on individual speakers, this camera provides the flexibility to frame the shot precisely as you desire, without any disruptions.


Intelligent Tracking and Framing


Bid farewell to manual adjustments with the Poly Studio E60's intelligent tracking and framing capabilities. Utilizing advanced algorithms, the camera automatically detects and tracks participants as they move around, ensuring everyone remains in focus throughout the meeting.


Simple Installation and Integration


Despite its advanced features, the Poly Studio E60 Camera is straightforward to install and integrate into your existing video conferencing setup. With support for various mounting options and compatibility with leading platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams, deployment and operation are hassle-free.


 Key Features


  • 12x Optical Zoom

  • 4K Camera Sensor

  • USB Connectivity

  • 71° HFOV

  • Smart video conferencing camera

Harness the power of focus

Getting the most out of the Poly Studio E60 smart MPTZ optical zoom camera is easy. Main presenter in focus, team in sight, every detail noted.

Distractions out. Engagement in.

The Poly Studio E60 smart optical zoom camera harnesses AI-driven tracking and framing modes to make sure the focus stays on the all-important action.

A simplified setup and easy to use

Flexible connections and compatibility with top conferencing platforms keeps you focused on your presentation.




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