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Crystal Clear Conversations: Yealink BH72 Lite Wireless Headset

The Yealink BH72 is a Bluetooth headset designed for professionals who need a headset for work calls and video meetings as well as for listening to music or podcasts. It features a sleek and compact design, a noise-cancelling microphone, and multi-point connectivity for connecting to two devices simultaneously. The BH72 is completely wireless and has a long battery life with quick charging capabilities. In terms of comfort, the Yealink BH72 has an ergonomic design with a flexible headband and a pivot arm that can be rotated 180 degrees. It also features a discreet microphone arm that slides into the headset when not in use, making it appear like a pair of headphones. Check out our blog post on the difference between headsets and headphones.

In today's business environment, it's typical for individuals to transition between using computers and mobile devices seamlessly. Many models facilitate this transition, with some offering smoother integration than others.

Moreover, certain models rely on Bluetooth connectivity for computer interactions instead of requiring a USB adapter, commonly referred to as a "dongle."

Here are a few benefits:


A better, more steady wireless connection

Better, more consistent audio

Enhanced wireless range

Remote answering and ending of calls

The USB Adapter that comes with the BH72 Lite allows you to take a call when away from your desk, up to 100 feet away when using applications such as Microsoft Teams,

Enhanced Noise Cancellation:


Whether you're working remotely, in an office setting, or on the move, noise cancellation is an essential feature that enhances the clarity and professionalism of your meetings and calls. The Yealink BH72 headset already boasts an impressive noise-canceling microphone, but with this latest update, its noise-canceling capabilities have been further improved by 30%! This improvement is made possible through smart enhancements to the microphone's DSP, highlighting one of many reasons why it's crucial to regularly update your headsets. These updates introduce new features that enhance your headset's performance without any additional cost.


Extended Wireless Range:


The Yealink BH72 already offers an excellent wireless Bluetooth range, and now it has been extended by an additional 35%. This enhancement gives users even more flexibility to take calls away from their desks. So, feel free to move around while using your headset—it will remain connected and help you stay focused on your tasks.


This flexibility is especially handy during important calls where discovering a low battery can be a hassle. Simply plug in the headset to continue your conversation seamlessly.


Speaking of battery performance, the Yealink BH72 Lite offers:


  • Up to 40 hours of personal use (e.g., music playback)

  • 35 hours of talk time

  • 2 hours of recharge time via cable

  • 3 hours of recharge time via optional Qi wireless charger

  • Additionally, an optional wireless charger is available for those who prefer cable-free recharging, adding convenience and versatility. This charger can also power up other wireless devices like smartphones, enhancing its utility. Note that wireless charging is exclusive to the BH72 model, not the BH72 Lite.

Talk Time & Talk Range


The Yealink BH72 has a 40-hour battery life, which in most cases is enough time to cover one week’s working needs and it only takes 3 hours to wireless charge the handset, and up to 2h if you are charging it by cable. Another great feature is that if your schedule is busier than usual, you can still get up to 4-hours talking time by quickly charging the handset for just 5 minutes. The Yealink BH72 Lite, however, does not support wireless charging. The wireless range is 50-150 feet for the BH72 and slightly smaller for the Lite version – from 50 to 100 feet.


In conclusion, the Yealink BH72 Bluetooth headset is an ideal choice for professionals requiring a versatile headset for work calls, video meetings, and personal audio needs such as listening to music or podcasts. Its sleek and compact design, along with advanced features like noise-cancelling microphone and multi-point connectivity, makes it a practical and efficient tool. The long battery life with quick charging further enhances its usability, while the ergonomic design ensures comfort during extended use. Its discreet appearance, resembling headphones when the microphone arm is tucked away, adds a touch of professionalism. For more insights into the distinctions between headsets and headphones, we invite you to explore our blog post on the subject.

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